Rhythm learning… HP style

Well, for those of you know me at all, you know that Harry Potter is pretty much my most favorite thing ever…

There is a Harry Potter video that I absolutely love. It greatly amuses me, and always makes me feel better when I’m having a busy or hard day.

Although on the surface it seems like just another random, funny, Harry Potter video. But I think that it can be used as a learning tool. Finding things that interests students, makes learning much more entertaining. Although with one topic you’re highly unlikely to engage and interest everyone, but you can target some of your students.

This video could potentially be used in a music class. There are distinct rhythm patterns for each character. You could have your students clap out the rhythm all together, and then eventually moving to a collaboration, of everyone clapping (or using sticks or other devices) the separate rhythms in unison.

In everything we see or do, there is always a learning opportunity!


4 thoughts on “Rhythm learning… HP style

  1. I agree, it is very important to find activities that will appeal to your students (or some of them anyway, not everyone likes Harry Potter as much as Tara)! Yes, leave it to Tara to find a way to incorporate Harry Potter into something educational!

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